New book on bacterial-plant interactions

The book Bacterial-Plant Interactions: Advanced Research and Future Trends will be released soon. Edited by Jesus Murillo, Robert W. Jackson, Boris A. Vinatzer and Dawn A. Arnold, the book reviews important topics on plant-bacteria interactions, including type III secretion systems and their role in the bacterial-host interaction; the Pseudomonas and Erwinia model systems and their application to other studies; the emerging plant pathogen Acidovorax (chapter written by Tally Rosenberg, Noam Eckshtain-Levi and Saul Burdman from our lab); the Gram-positive phytopathogens Clavibacter, Streptomyces, and Rhodococcus; colonisation of plants by human bacterial pathogens; Pseudomonas biocontrol approaches; and phage therapy. Essential reading for every plant pathogen researcher, from the Ph.D. student to the experienced scientist, and recommended reading for researchers working on foodborne pathogens and bacterial pathogenesis.

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